Community Care Career Fair

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$12m award set up to train community care workers

There will be more opportunities for those pursuing a career in community healthcare to be better equipped for the job.

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MOH to invest $12m to develop community care...

There will be more scope for those interested in a community healthcare career, which includes disciplines such as social work and speech therapy.

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More switching to jobs in gerontology

"I reached a season of life in which you realise there could be more out there. So I took a gap year to go to school," he said.

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He ditches glitz to care for seniors

For 15 years, Mr Darren Thng, 47, dealt in spectacle, working on glitzy entertainment and design projects involving artists such as Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao and American ....

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卫生部中途转业计划 七专业人士转当护理管理人


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Preparing mid-career PMETs for community care sector

Given his previous work experience, one might not expect Mr Darren Thng to end up working for a community hospital.

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