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Creative Director, Focus Publishing

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

  • oversees the ideas and projects of the creative team and taking responsibility for the creative philosophy and the standard of design output of FP
  • creates/develops ideas for print and digital projects and ensures successful implementation of creative concepts for new projects
  • Oversees layout and design of custom titles and content projects of FP
  • Pitches concepts to clients and internal stakeholders; oversees projects from start to finish to ensure adherence to deadlines and sign-off on these projects before presentation with clients
  • hires and manages the creative team

Temp Administrative Assistant

Singapore Press Holdings Limited


- Responsible for coordination and logistics for all training courses

- Liaise with vendors on orders and delivery

- Handle customer enquiries via email and over the phone

- Assist the team in admin support including Purchasing and Finance matters

- Assist in ad-hoc events

- Experience in SkillsFuture system is a bonus



Manager (Digital Forensics)

Ministry of Defence

You are part of the cyber threat response team that performs digital forensic and analysis functions, such as data acquisition, data recovery and forensic investigation of infected systems and mobile devices. You also provide expert advice on measures to recover systems, patch vulnerabilities or enhance threat detection, and are the strategic reserve to lead the investigations of cyber security incidents in defence networks. Your challenge lies in constantly staying ahead of developments in computing technologies and cyber exploitation/ attack techniques.

d/lab Head of Business Design

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

d/lab is a team that is set up to test & develop new products in areas of opportunity identified within the SPH landscape. These products should solve real user painpoints, tap on SPH's existing strengths, and be able to demonstrate traction with its target audiences.
Together with your teammates, you will identify areas of greatest strategic potential, generate potential solutions and run ideas through a structured innovation process together with relevant stakeholders. Ideas must be validated and developed into recommendations to the Business if we should a) adopt the idea b) invest more resources or c) pursue other ideas. 
As a key member of the core team, you would be responsible to craft and drive business KPIs,  prioritising the areas to pursue, and pivot or cycle through ideas as necessary. You will be responsible for ensuring there are meaningful business models within the design of the ideas, and build businesses of the future.
Our ideal candidate is:-
  • Passionate about creating value, able to develop creative strategy, pivot opportunistically, and works well in a rapidly changing environment. 
  • Able to represent and facilitate user-centric practices and discussions with team and internal business units
  • Confident in navigating stakeholders in projects of various degrees of complexity
  • A strong communicator able to convey complex ideas and concepts clearly and simply
  • Responsible & takes ownership for pushing through ideas, while being collaborative and creative in problem solving
  • Disciplined and systematic in evaluating the feasibility and value of a product; and is not wedded to ideas
  • Proactive and adaptive to rapidly changing environments
Please bring with you
  • At least 8 years of professional experience in a product-related or a corporate innovation role, and good knowledge of digital business models.   
  • Be able to lead workshops with clients, assess needs, and arrive at minimum viable product (MVP) definition.
  • Have experience working with multi-disciplinary teams of internal/external stakeholders, development, and product management
  • A proven track record of delightful and innovative product development
  • Familiarity with digital business models and global tech developments
It's a bonus if you have 
  • Experience in digital product design;
  • Experience in corporate innovation setups and/or
  • Background in technology or media and understanding of large enterprises

Assistant Director (Digital Forensics)

Ministry of Defence

You lead a team in the performance of data acquisition, data recovery and forensics analysis of infected operating systems and servers. You perform forensics analysis to support daily vulnerability assessments, briefs, and general computer forensics operations. You also use forensics tools and investigative methods to find specific electronic data, locate malicious code and determine malware artefacts. Your challenge is to keep pace with shorter product cycles and advances in OS and software applications, as well as to stay ahead of developments in order to anticipate demands for forensic investigations and analysis. 

Audience Strategy Specialist

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

As an Audience Strategy Specialist, you will help set strategy and manage execution of audience development plans across all the platforms of The Straits Times.

You will create off-site strategies on how to tell digital stories on new and old platforms. You should be adept in social video and influencer strategies, creating conversations off-platform, storytelling off-site, and using analytics and other tools to provide insights. You will also be responsible for identifying emerging growth tactics and new platforms that the team should be thinking about to grow the community using an analytical approach to all levers and platforms. To be successful in this role, you must be a native user of data analytics tools who can make informed strategic and audience decisions

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as a strategist and a go-between all areas of audience growth and engagement.
  • Build an overall social strategy across a number of online and traditional platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Communities across multiple media etc.
  • Create best practices for programming and editorial content for the different platforms and social share text (e.g. followers are active at10 am and 4 pm, not at 6pm -- tweet / post during more during active times)
  • Build an editorial strategy for engagement and brand recognition; train producers and editors in crafting social headlines and tactics necessary to help run accounts.
  • Test and optimize: run A/B tests to determine what’s working and not working, build templates for social media depending on the platform.
  • Work with the community teams on a strategy for reader engagement and outreach and influencers; create conversations around communities of influencers using digital content.

Assistant Director (Cyber Defence Ops Planning)

Ministry of Defence

You liaise with MINDEF/SAF agencies on the development and implementation of cyber security-related plans to safeguard MINDEF/SAF against cyber threats. You support the Defence Cyber Organisation in the conduct of operational planning, as well as coordinate the deployment of cyber incident response teams when required. You synchronise cyber security operations, planning in coordination with the other agencies in MINDEF/SAF during major cyber incidents. Additionally, you will be called upon to advise on any plans and orders that relate to cyber security, and are also be part of the team that plans and conducts cyber security exercises. Your challenge is to quickly assimilate the potential severity of the harm from cyber threats and translate this understanding into an implementable operations plan to defend MINDEF/SAF networks and systems against such threats. 

Audience Insights Specialist

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Sitting within the Media Strategy & Analytics department, SPH's Analytics team serves as the data analytics centre of excellence for the whole company. We integrate and gatekeep all major data sources across SPH's media divisions, on top of which we create visualisations and perform analytics functions to drive business decisions. We also formulate and execute advanced analytics and machine learning projects to help business units achieve their objectives.


We are looking for two articulate and cross-functional audience insights specialists to join the team and help provide our media divisions with a composite view of SPH's product users, as well as identify any audience gaps in the company's product portfolio. This role will report to the Analytics Lead and work closely with the media divisions including editorial, product, ad sales and circulation sales teams.


The Job


  • Work with the data analytics and research teams to generate audience insights across disparate data sets
  • Identify data gaps and create strategies for data collection
  • Help to develop and track audience growth and loyalty against industry-standard targets and metrics, including benchmarking against competitors
  • Help newsrooms create content insights to fine tune their editorial strategy and monitor the performance of the resulting content strategy
  • Use audience insights to help product development and sales teams refine and craft new products and marketing campaigns
  • Create dashboards and regular reports to share audience metrics and actionable insights
  • Conduct market scanning to identify audience gaps in the product portfolio

Assistant Director (Cyber Defence)

Ministry of Defence

You lead a team to perform technical intelligence collection and analysis of cyber threats that are targeting, or of interest to, MINDEF/SAF and other MINDEF-related organisations. On this, you propose and implement technical solutions that can be used to enhance technical intelligence operations in the Defence sector. Your challenge lies in understanding the sector’s operating environment and cyber threat landscape to sieve out relevant threats for further analysis and investigations. 

Senior Property Officer/Property Officer (Times Properties Pte Ltd)

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

  • Check and fix mechanical and electrical installations in large office buildings
  • Carry out routine and preventive mechanical and electrical maintenance in the buildings
  • Carry out maintenance and repairs to building fabrics and troubleshoot plumbing / sanitary services
  • Supervise contractors for repair and maintenance works
  • Respond and attend to tenant / user requests
  • Familiar with Building Automation System

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