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NOTE : The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) is the organiser of this virtual job fair. AIC may evaluate your resume for other suitable career opportunities, and share your resume with other employers within the community care sector for such opportunities.

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Manager (Strategy & Change Management)

Ministry of Defence

You oversee and facilitate the learning content development and learning knowledge management in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). You work with various stakeholders to develop and implement strategies and change management programmes, as well as create a culture of sharing best practices. Your challenge lies in levelling up the competencies in the SAF for learning content development. 

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Strength & Conditioning

Sport Singapore

-Plan, coordinate and implement the provision of strength & conditioning services for carded athletes and coaches

-Advise the Head of S&C and other SportSG, SSI and NSAs staff of appropriate methods of implementing the overall programme of support.

-Work closely with the SportSG and SSI staff, NSA and other national sporting organisations in the implementation and coordination of S&C services.

-Perform the duties of a Sport Medicine and Sport Science Coordinator for selected sports.

-Work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team of support staff within SportSG, SSI and with NSAs, delivering top class services to athletes and their coaches.

-Maintain comprehensive records of the assessment and servicing of athletes and coaches.

-Provide regular oral and written reports at appropriate meetings associated with the programme.

-Ensure that SSI effectively meets its service and research commitments to NSAs, athletes and coaches.

-Ensure that an accurate inventory of all equipment and supplies is maintained.

-Develop other S&C coaches and sports science staff where appropriate.

-Coordinate student and interns placements within SSI as and when appropriate.

-Work within the rules of the Professional Code of Conduct, Scope of Practice, and those of SportSG, SSI and the NSAs.

-Within the rules of professional confidentiality, liaise with athletes, primary care managers, parents, coaches and other support staff as appropriate.

-Maintain knowledge of current issues, trends and research in high performance sport, e.g. through literature reviews.

-Lead research, development and innovation initiatives in S&C and other related areas of sport sciences.

-Develop and implement quality assurance and safety programmes.

Assistant Director (Cyber Threat Intelligence) Assistant Director (Cyber Threat Intelligence)

Ministry of Defence

You perform data collection and first-level assessments of cyber threats to provide situational awareness and early warning. On this, you keep a close tab on recent and current large-scale cyber attacks and malware infections reported in mass media. You also work closely with relevant parties to analyse different attack tools and malware samples to facilitate preventive measures. Additionally, you conduct research on strategic cyber security developments. Your challenge lies in improvising and adapting your approach to cyber threat data collection and analysis, as well as identifying relevant, timely and actionable information in an overloaded information environment. 

Assistant Manager, Corporate Planning

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

This will be an exciting opportunity to play an active role in the transformation journey of one of the region's largest media companies.  In this role, you will be closely involved in the strategic planning process for the Group, from analysing existing business lines and proposing new ideas in strategic review processes, to conceptualising and articulating the business case for new corporate ventures and growth initiatives.  The successful candidate should demonstrate creativity, intellectual curiosity and be able to distill complex subjects into actionable decision points. He/she should also possess integrity and good project management skills.

Electrical/ Mechanical Engineer (Based at SPH Print Centre, 2 Jurong Port Road)

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Reporting to the Engineering Manager, you are to plan and execute preventive and corrective maintenance on our state-of-the-art printing press and the air conditioned printing plant. You will also be responsible for planning and overseeing existing and new projects.

As part of our executive development programme for an all rounded executive, there will be opportunities to gain exposure and experience in other sections of the Production Department.

Assistant Director (Digital Forensics)

Ministry of Defence

You lead a team in the performance of data acquisition, data recovery and forensics analysis of infected operating systems and servers. You perform forensics analysis to support daily vulnerability assessments, briefs, and general computer forensics operations. You also use forensics tools and investigative methods to find specific electronic data, locate malicious code and determine malware artefacts. Your challenge is to keep pace with shorter product cycles and advances in OS and software applications, as well as to stay ahead of developments in order to anticipate demands for forensic investigations and analysis. 

Senior Manager (Investment Management)

Ministry of Defence

You assist to manage and administer a fund on behalf of the Board of Trustees. This includes conducting macroeconomic and investment strategy research, and monitoring markets and macro issues. You also contribute to the generation of tactical asset allocation ideas, and support the development of analytical tools to enhance decision-making on key trends and developments in asset markets.

Assistant Director (Media Relations)

Ministry of Defence

You lead a team of communications specialists to formulate, coordinate and execute public communications strategies and plans in support of MINDEF/SAF’s communications objectives. On this, you work with relevant agencies to conceptualise public communications plans, methods of execution and relevant publicity collaterals for various MINDEF/SAF events. You also manage the dissemination of information that goes to the local and foreign media, in both peacetime and emergency. Your challenge lies in demonstrating sensitivity to policy implications and objectives, and having an in-depth understanding of operational considerations so as to enable effective translation of policy intent to operational actions.

Prepress Technician

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

The Prepress Department sets the foundation for successful printing production.

We are seeking suitably qualified candidates who are passionate about printing processes  to join us as Prepress Technicians.

The Job

  • Receive & check  all editorial pages for local and overseas publications on desktop publishing
  • Electronic transmission of completed pages to the printing plant
  • Liaise with Marketing and Editorial departments on day-to-day page flow and advertisement material issues
  • Picture enhancement using Adobe Photoshop for both editorial and advertisement images
  • Update & create shipping schedule and obituary advertisement make-up using Adobe InDesign
  • Provide feedback to Marketing department if advertisement material submitted does not conform to printing specifications
  • Training will be provided

Manager (Curriculum Development)

Ministry of Defence

You enhance training effectiveness, efficiency and engagement to meet the Army’s training and learning needs in the domain of cyber security. On this, you develop, implement and review training curricula and materials. You also operationalise learning technologies, evaluate training and learning solutions and develop assessment tools to measure trainees’ competencies. Your challenge lies in working with multiple stakeholders at the same time and staying current with the latest developments in cyber security, in order to constantly enhance and improve the training system and curricula. 


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